News Full of Mid-Autumn Festival|Gloshine teamed up with CCTV to create the biggest stage in Mid-Autumn Festival Gala!

Full of Mid-Autumn Festival|Gloshine teamed up with CCTV to create the biggest stage in Mid-Autumn Festival Gala!

17 February 2022

On the evening of September 21st, the 2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala kicked off in Xingyue Lake Wetland Park near Qionghai, Xichang. Gloshine Technology, as a special cooperative LED display supplier of the Central Radio and Television General Station, once again joined hands with CCTV to build a 360° immersive circular stage. According to the relevant person in charge of the crew, this is the biggest stage of CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala over the years!



This Mid-Autumn Festival Gala stage is set up on Xingyue Lake, One side is close to Xichang Qionghai, and the other side is a modern new city. The main stage is set in the Jianchang ancient city in Xichang, and the "root carving" Ficus virens Ait coiled on the ancient city wall reappears on the city wall, showing the integration of ancient trees and cities for thousands of years.



2200m² Gloshine LED display screen, different perspectives, different spaces, enjoy immersive viewing experience; Seven stars accompany the moon, fire trees and silver flowers, Presenting aesthetic sense stage effect; Combining reality with fiction, reflecting ancient and modern times, to creating a cultural sense of visual feast. On the full moon night of Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy the beauty of literature, the charm of martial arts, the exquisite of music and the elegance of dance!



In this " Moon City ", the 1000m² Gloshine LS 3.91 outdoor series is the main screen of this party, Sometimes it is a vast sea of stars and a bright moon on the sea, showing beauty and romance; Sometimes it is the mountains, water and the city enhance each other's brilliance and shining brightly; Sometimes it goes through ancient and modern times, showing the long history and the strength of the country!



LS Series


700㎡ column display screens on both sides of the stage, Consisting of Gloshine CB 3.91 outdoor carbon fiber series, 12 square columns are combined with unparalleled stage special effects, sometimes lined up and sometimes scattered, showing different contents in different programs, such as green water and green hills, dreamy space, frame by frame full of texture, magnificent and gorgeous scenes changing and blending on the stage, which makes the audience enjoy themselves and could not get enough of it.




CB Series


What complements the sky is the 500m² Gloshine AR 4.81 series floor screen, and a 360° circular stage stands on the surface of Xingyue Lake. The moon in the sky and the moon in the water echo each other from afar, and the stars and the Big Dipper set each other off, transforming ancient and modern times and combining reality with reality. The panoramic stage has no blind spots in the line of sight. Pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, moonlight in the lotus pond and a full moon complement each other, presenting a visual feast with beautiful romance and local characteristics.




AR Series


This year's choreography design is a breakthrough, not purely realistic, but with the main line through the ancient and modern, the total choreography concept is "the seven stars of the Big Dipper", as a starting point to design the stage space. In order to present a better visual effect, Gloshine Technology team and the party director team repeatedly discussed the display plan and construction details, and finally Gloshine large screen with excellent quality, to ensure the smooth progress of the party, the perfect realization of the requirements of the director team, for the whole party to add color.



In 2021, Gloshine Technology still shines on the CCTV stage. CCTV New Year's Eve Gala, Spring Festival Gala, Lantern Festival Gala, Lantern Festival Opera Gala, Children's Day Gala and this Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, Gloshine Technology continues to provide high quality, high stability and high protection LED display products for CCTV, and together with CCTV, we deliver the real and comprehensive Chinese culture to the world, showing the charm and elegance of Chinese traditional and modern civilization.