Product AR series

AR series

  • Outdoor / waterproof

  • Fast installation

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Dancing Floor

Pro-LED-floor, shining your stage.

Integrated Design of Panel

Super high bearing capacity, greater than 1.5 tons.

Toughened glass, beautiful and strong.

Edge-wrapping aided design.

Technical parameter

Model No. AR2.6(Indoor) AR 3.91(Outdoor) AR 4.81(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 500mm×500mm×91mm/19.7"x19.7"x3.6" 500mm×500mm×100mm / 19.7"×19.7"×3.9"
IP Rating IP30 Front IP65,Rear IP54
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