Product Carbon series

Carbon series

  • Fast installation

  • Ultra-light

  • Magnet

  • 90° stitching

  • Curved

Carbon Fiber & Magnesium Alloy

More than light weight

The third generation of innovative rental LED display.

Modular design, diversified setup.


The special anti-static circuit design in LED module, better protection for the LED screen.

Technical parameter

Model No. CB  2.6(Indoor) CB  2.97(Indoor) CB 3.91(Indoor) CB 3.91(Outdoor) CB 4.81(Outdoor) CB 6.94(Outdoor) CB 8.93(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.97mm 3.91mm 3.91 mm 4.81 mm 6.94 mm 8.93 mm
Panel Dimension
Max. Stacking 10m
Max. Hanging 10m
Curve(Optional) 90°/180°
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