News The Stage with the Most irregular-shaped LED Screens in China --Beijing World Horticultural Expo 2019

The Stage with the Most irregular-shaped LED Screens in China --Beijing World Horticultural Expo 2019

26 July 2023

On April 28, 2019, the grand opening of the Beijing World Horticultural Expo was a sight to behold as GLOSHINE's cutting-edge LED displays, covering a staggering 3000, illuminated the picturesque landscape, creating a mesmerizing stage for the immersive art performance. The event marked a significant milestone in the nation's LED display industry, introducing groundbreaking elements like lift-and-rotate curved LED floor stage-lifting cylindrical screens.

The heart of the action was at the Gui Rui lakeside performance center, the primary venue for the Expo's opening and closing ceremonies. Here, an 800 elliptical LED floor served as the centerpiece of the stage, flanked by 29 retractable cylindrical screens that adorned the lake's edge. A floating mesh screen and transparent display further added to the enchanting visual display.

GLOSHINE's creative engineering prowess was truly showcased on the 800 LED floor, featuring two sets of retractable vertical screens, two sets of curved retractable screens, and one set of rotating circular screens. Achieving seamless integration across the nearly 800 elliptical floor was no small feat. The challenge was met with GLOSHINE's innovative solution - a 400 custom-shaped modular system. Over the course of two months, an intricate process of design and laser cutting resulted in 20 types of PCBs that perfectly assembled into various shapes, meticulously fitting the grand elliptical stage.

The artistic design was matched by the technical precision, ensuring smooth and dynamic movements of the screens during the performance. One particular engineering marvel was the industry-first 8-meter diameter rotating circular LED floor at the center of the stage. Surrounding it were crescent-shaped screens, each with a unique angle, meticulously assembled to form a flawless circular display capable of presenting every pixel with pristine clarity - an unparalleled achievement in LED stage design.

Adding to the magical spectacle, 29 retractable cylindrical screens, each with a diameter of 1 meter, created an ethereal dance above the lake. Synced to the rhythm of the performance, they resembled graceful spirits, bringing nature's rhythm to life.


The crowning touch was a circular screen above the lake, perfectly capturing the enchanting rise of the moon, creating a captivating 3D visual experience, as if plucked from the famous Chinese painting, "Spring River Flowers and Moonlit Night."


The Beijing World Horticultural Expo's multifaceted, artistically engineered LED displays pushed the boundaries of stage design, bringing a panoramic 3D experience to life. Featured in "China's Records," GLOSHINE proudly showcased its position as a leading force in China's LED display industry, highlighting the nation's strides in industrial design and innovation. As GLOSHINE continues to strive for excellence, pushing the boundaries of technology, the stage is set for more awe-inspiring displays, representing the epitome of Chinese creativity and craftsmanship.