News Gloshine Technology Opened Tmall " live broadcast through screen"

Gloshine Technology Opened Tmall " live broadcast through screen"

2 November 2020

On October 31,Hunan Satellite TV live opening ceremony of Tmall Double 11 was launched at Guali Culture and Sports Center in Hanzhou Xiaoshan,kicked off the prelude to the national carnival and leaded a new round of global consumption boom.



Three screens open

Gloshine’s 3200㎡ big screen created a panoramic stage



Gloshine’s Carbon and W series supported the aura of the whole party.

700㎡carbon fiber screen perfectly meet the strict requirements during the construction process.The screen shows excellent quality standards in terms of weight, safety, installation, strength and display, and reproduces the technological charm of Hunan Satellite TV and Tmall.

The scenery of river and smoke presented as three screens opened. 2500㎡W series LED display was everywhere and they were orderly arranged in various places in the stage, forming a super large screen that opens and closes.From any angle,the audience can enjoy the spectacular scene of dancing and singing with the screens moved.



Live broadcast through screen

Large and small interactive space created the ultimate experience




The biggest highlight of this year’s ceremony is that Hunan Satellite TV, together with Tmall and Gloshine Technology, created the first through-screen live broadcast business model

Hunan Satellite TV showed the strongest stage lineup, Tmall showed the hottest live broadcast room, Gloshine showed the top technology, and 17 live broadcast rooms were moved to the stage. 17 live broadcast rooms, 17 small LED displays, connected to the main screen of the stage. Artists freely shuttle between all the live broadcast rooms, and all interactions with the anchor are presented to the audience in real time.

An unprecedented feat, an unprecedented breakthrough in time and space, an unprecedented live sales, an unprecedented ultimate experience!

The screen has become the key to interactive live broadcast. The Gloshine LED display was extremely important, and it has successfully fulfilled the live requirements such as online connection, sub-control display, main screen display, real-time live broadcast, and switch background.

A diversified interactive feast inside and outside the screens, an unforgettable Double 11 carnival night, I wish Tmall a great sucess in double 11 in 2020.