ПРОДУКЦИЯ Beyonder&Beyonder mini series

Beyonder&Beyonder mini series

  • High Stability

  • Easy Repair

  • Wide Viewing Angle

  • Curving Options


All-in-one Design

Turntable Curved Locks (1)

The turntable curved locks has following

Adjustable angle:


Users’ Friendly Design

Hanging Installation

The maximum hoisting height is 10 meters.

Ground Installation

The maximum stand height is 10 meters.

Технические параметры

Model No. BM1.2(Indoor) BM1.5(Indoor) BM1.9(Indoor) BE/BM2.6(Indoor) BE/BM2.9(Indoor) BE/BM3.9(Indoor) BM2.6(Outdoor) BM2.97(Outdoor) BE/BM3.91(Outdoor) BE/BM4.81(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.95mm 2.60mm 2.97mm 3.91mm 2.60mm 2.97mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
LED Type SMD1010 SMD1212 SMD1212 SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1921 SMD1921
GOB GOB GOB Optional Optional Optional Optional /
Pixel Density 640000 pixel/m² 409600 pixel/m² 262144 pixel/m² 147456 pixel/m² 112896 pixel/m² 65536 pixel/m² 147456pixel/ 112896pixel/ 65536pixel/ 43264pixel/
Brightness 500~800 nits 600~1000 nits 600~1000 nits 800~1200 nits 800~1200 nits 800~1200 nits 3000~4500nits 3000~4500nits 3500~5000nits 3500~5000nits
Color Temperature 6500~9500k
Panel Dimension BE:500mm*1000mm*77mm(19.7"*39.4"*3.03")  BM:500mm*500mm*77mm(19.7"*19.7"*3.03")  500mm*500mm*77mm(19.7"*19.7"*3.03")  BE:500mm*1000mm*77mm(19.7"*39.4"*3.03")  BM:500mm*500mm*77mm(19.7"*19.7"*3.03") 
Panel Resolution 400*400pixel 320*320pixel 256*256pixel 192*384pixel/192*192pixel 168*336pixel/168*168pixel 128*256pixel/128*128pixel 192*192pixel 168*168pixel 128*256pixel/128*128pixel 104*208pixel/104*104pixel
Panel Weight 10.3kg(22.78lb)±10% 10.3kg(22.78lb)±10% 10.3kg(22.78lb)±10% 13.5kg(29.74lb)±10%/9kg(19.91lb)±10% 13.5kg(29.74lb)±10%/9kg(19.91lb)±10% 13.5kg(29.74lb)±10%/9kg(19.91lb)±10% 9.2kg(20.35lb)±10% 13.9kg(30.62lb)±10%/9.2kg(20.35lb)±10%
Cabinet Material Die-casting Cabinet Die-casting Cabinet
Max Power Consumption ≦580w/ ≦720w/
Ave Power Consumption ≦290w/ ≦360w/
Viewing Angle H:160º V:140º H:160º V:140º
Refresh Rate 1920HZ/3840HZ 1920HZ/3840HZ
Gray Scale 13~16bit 13~16bit
Working Voltage AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz or AC200-240V~ 50/60Hz (two choose one) AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz or AC200-240V~ 50/60Hz (two choose one)
IP Rating IP30 Front IP65,Rear IP54
Max Stacking/Hanging 10m 10m
Curve Optional Optional
Lifetime 50,000 h 50,000 h
Operating Temp/Humidity -20℃~+45℃;10%~60%RH -20℃~+45℃;10%~90%RH
Storage Temp/Humidity -40℃~+60℃;10%~60%RH -40℃~+60℃;10%~60%RH